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IP Camera Vs CCTV Camera: Hacking Susceptibility

When looking at CCTV cameras vs. IP (Internet Protocol) cameras, the question that pops up is which one is more secure and less susceptible to external attacks? The reason is that you can install both devices in public places, and you must protect them from any potential threats. After all, if your surveillance system gets breached by unauthorized access, it could have severe implications for your reputation.

Is CCTV Camera Better than IP Camera?

CCTV cameras are very low-tech and easy to set up a CCTV security system. It captures everything in its view whenever there is a movement happening in its area of coverage. The footage gets recorded onto a disk or thumb drive for later review when needed.

On the other hand, an IP CCTV camera is a high-tech device with the same purpose as a CCTV camera, but it can connect to the internet and smartphones through wireless connectivity. The good news is that users can view the footage from anywhere just by connecting to the camera's built-in server.

You need to decide which one offers more reliable protection, the traditional CCTV camera or the IP camera's full form? To put this into a clearer perspective is by highlight some of their inherent differences.

IP Camera

The first distinction is where they are likely to be used. Whereas CCTV cameras are installed in public places, IP surveillance cameras are useful in private and public sectors, including homes.

Both devices need to be connected to power supply sources to work correctly. In comparison, CCTV comes with a power cord, whereas an IP security system is connected to a PoE source for seamless functioning.

Another point worth mentioning is that IP surveillance systems are more flexible because they can work remotely from the main control center without being tethered by wires. At the same time, CCTV cameras directly connect to a TV or other monitor.

IP Security Camera Prone To Hacking?

Security cameras are simply an extension of laptops and personal computers. These devices can be hacked into and used in any way possible, yet we continue using them because benefits of IP camera surveillance. Cameras are no different, especially if one can access them remotely through the cloud.

Cameras are a stepping stone for more effective hacks, but if the data is not saved locally on an actual computer or laptop, there is no reason to worry about this happening.

Pros and Cons of IP Camera vs. Analog Video Surveillance Cameras

An IP camera online has the following advantages over CCTV systems.

  • IP surveillance cameras are wireless and can be connected to the internet, smartphones through wireless connectivity. You can view the footage of IP security cameras from anywhere just by connecting to its built-in server.
  • IP systems can have remote panning, tilting & zooming
  • There are sophisticated models available in the market with features like audio and video recording, night vision, and built-in IP camera Wifi.
  • You can encrypt IP security systems with passwords for added security
  • The good news is that users can view the footage from anywhere just by connecting to the camera's built-in server.
  • IP system has the following disadvantages over CCTV
  • When compared to CCTV, IP Security cameras are more expensive to install and set up
IP Security Camera

Both CCTV and IP have their pros and cons. IP surveillance systems are easier to operate. CCTV cameras are the best choice for security purposes. However, there are high-tech systems available in the market which combine both CCTV & IP into one system. The hybrid video surveillance solution combines the advantages of an IP and CCTV into one system.

Best Practices of Keeping Security Systems Safe

Security cameras are valuable tools that can help you feel safer in your home and have peace of mind when outside your house. However, if you don't properly maintain them, there is a chance that hackers can use your footage and other personal information in negative ways.

As long as you take preventive measures, including using strong passwords and regularly checking for bugs, hacks, and breaches, there is no reason to fear these tools. However, it's essential to know when something goes wrong to fix it immediately.

Whether you choose to have an analog video security system or the best public IP camera on the market, the most important thing is to ensure that it works well with your needs.

The Bottom Line

Security cameras are innovating technology that could potentially improve our daily lives one day. As long as skilled professionals maintain them, there is no reason to worry that they cannot be as safe as laptops. However, it's essential to remain cautious of any potential threats and research the source of the cameras before deciding whether or not to purchase them for your business.

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