Ezvidoo App Software Installation for Windows


Step 1: Run the installer

Click Next to proceed with the installation. Otherwise, click Cancel.

Machine - MSI Setup Wizard

Step 2: Select features you want to be installed

Step 2.1

In this window, you may check and configure the following options before starting the installation process.

Custom Setup features
Step 2.2

Click the drop-down button beside the Vidoo App (1.0.0) to change how this feature will be installed.

Features Selection
Step 2.3

Click the drop-down button beside the Main Application to change how this feature will be installed

Main Application feature installation

Step 3: Change installation path

Step 3.1

Click Browse… to select a destination folder on your local machine where you want the vidoo App to be installed. The following screen will pop up after clicking the Browse button.

Changing installation path
Step 3.2

Click the drop-down button to select a folder location.

select destination folder location.
Step 3.3

Alternatively, you may click on the Up one level button to change the destination to a top-level folder.

changing destination to a top-level folder.
Step 3.4 Create a new folder

If you would like to create a new destination folder, click the Create a new folder button.

Create a new folder

By default, vidoo App will be installed to the following location:

C:/Program Files/vidoo App/

Once you have selected a destination folder, click OK to save the settings.

Step 4: Disk Usage

From the Custom Setup window, you may click the Disk Usage button to get an overview of your total hard disk capacity, the available disk space, the required space for the installation, and how much disk space will remain after the vidoo App installation.

Disk Usage

Example of the Disk Space Requirements

Disk Space Requirements

Step 5: (Optional) Reset all settings

Click the Reset button if you would like to revert the settings to its default configuration.

Reset all settings

Step 6: Completion of installation

After you have configured the installation settings, or if no changes to the settings have been made, click Next to proceed to the next window.

Completion of installation

Click Install to begin the Vidoo App installation process.

EZVidoo App installation process

Wait until the installation process is complete and finish on complete

EZVidoo installation process complete

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EZVidoo App shortcut icon