Are Wired CCTV Cameras Prone To Hacking?

The form of CCTV (Closed-circuit television) cameras is changing with the increase in demand for wireless IP cameras. As a result, a debate regarding the security and compatibility of SD cards over Wi-Fi and wired communication in IP cameras is rife.

With wired CCTV, there are few reasons to worry about your camera's safety. Wired networks are complex for attackers to access without you knowing.

Are Wired CCTV Camera Systems Vulnerable to Hacking?

Some business owners prefer wired security due to the costs involved with maintaining a wireless camera system. Unfortunately, many people overlook maintenance needs when deciding between these surveillance options.

When choosing between a wired or a wireless CCTV camera for home use, it is essential to consider factors such as distance and mobility. Although WiFi-based systems have become more prevalent in recent years, most people tend to ignore security issues.

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There are several reasons why people use wireless IP cameras, one being their mobility. It offers remote connectivity and ease of management. You can quickly move these cameras around, so they don't have to sacrifice quality for convenience. Most businesses will usually use wired CCTV cameras since they are more affordable, but this does not mean that their security is compromised.

Most companies will choose wired cameras since they don't have to worry about paying monthly service fees. In addition, most of these cameras come with a warranty, which means there is no risk involved when purchasing them.

Are Wired CCTV Cameras Vulnerable to Hacking?

If your business or home has a network of wired surveillance cameras, you might want to know how secure cctv cameras are from hacking. Wired CCTV cameras are easy to hack into, even through a firewall. However, wired systems are more secure than their counterparts because they aren't easily susceptible to hacking threats.

How to Know if Someone Has Hacked Your CCTV Cameras?

Have you ever wondered if your CCTV system is still safe and if the video footage it captured remains secure? Unfortunately, security cameras are often susceptible to hacking. For example, suppose your company's security camera system uses digital security cameras. In that case, one way of checking if they are still secure is to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software on the stored video files. This software will help you search your videos for specific keywords that could indicate if an intruder has attempted to tamper with the system or not.

If this method does not work, then you can check each video clip in your storage. Open the file in a video player that will allow you to play it frame by frame, and use OCR software to find out what each character is if they appear on the screen. If you suspect unusual activity on your wired CCTV systems, it would be best to call in an expert to run more sophisticated software programs.

How to Keep CCTV Cameras Safe from Hackers?

If you consider changing the default login credential on each wired CCTV security camera, it will save you a lot. The following ways of protection from hacking can act as a guide on how to protect your CCTV camera. They are not exclusively the only methods of protecting your system, but good ideas that you can try right away.

  • Make sure you use the best CCTV camera for home with recording and highest resolution possible.
  • Do not use default usernames or passwords that come with the security system.
  • If you have a computer that connects to the internet, do not use it as the main control system after setting up the username and passwords. If the original computer connects to your security system, then hackers can easily reach out and attack that device.
  • Remember that a CCTV camera online with live web streaming for your home or business surveillance has got internet connectivity via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. As a result, you should consider that whatever device you connect to can be hacked.
  • Always look at who is on the other end of the camera. If no others are using your security system, it would be good to shut it down or remove that device altogether.
  • Check the cameras every so often to see if they have been moved or tampered with in any way. If you notice that something is off, then the chances of cctv camera hacking are high.

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Final Submission

There is always the risk of compromise of security devices, and this could put your company's data and property at stake. Therefore, it is essential to know how Wi-Fi CCTV camera options affect other forms of technology before you decide to invest in them for your business.

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