A Brand New Innovative Platform for video surveillance & Security Cameras with full IoT Integration and Artificial Intelligence

Available on Windows and Linux.

Extremely easy to install, click and done! Ideal for 2 or more camera setups.

What is Vidoo

Vidoo is a Software that you can download and run in your Windows or Linux computer. It is Free!

Key Features


We Support any:
IP cameras
ONVIF devices
local USB cameras and more......
No Limit on the number of devices.
Full Audio capability.


  1. Motion Based sensing
  2. Audio Based sensing
  3. Object based sensing
  4. Face based sensing
  5. Person sensing


Vidoo offers a hassle free recording where there is continous recording of all camera streams 24/7 basis or based on events like Motion (based on settings) With each recording Vidoo employs a video tagging algorithm that allows you to find whatever you want with great ease (eg finding motion etc). Its as simple as querying the video database for a motion/object/person and so on.


Thanks to MiOS integration, you can create any kind of alert/notification using any medium available email, app, text etc.

Mobile Access

Access your cameras from anywhere in the world.


Create simple or sophisticated automation based on your camera detections. Whether motion, zone, face or object or combination of.... Create Automations that alert and prevent threats or make life easy.


Vidoo apart from Cameras, has integrations with MiOS and tens of thousands of devices and thousands of web applications. From a simple Zwave switch to twitter or google sheet, allowing you to create a safer, more connected world.

Off-Site Backup

For unforseen circumstances, off-site backup capability is built in to Vidoo platform. This is an optional capability where Vidoo records all video history to the Ezlo cloud for Off Site backup. Ezlo Cloud offers multi-region storage servers so that data will be secure and available.

Ultimate Sensing Capabilities

We are your "Eyes" and "Ears"

Why Vidoo

You are in Control, You can hear and See, from Any Angle, From Anywhere, Anytime

Smart Camera App

What's in the APP?

Vidoo app interface consists of the following features:

  • Activities
  • Live Video
  • Cameras
  • Clips
  • History
  • People
  • Face logs