Choosing A Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Solution

When it comes to closed-circuit television (CCTV) solutions, there are lots of options. Some CCTV products are designed for DIY installation, while others require expert installation. Others are wireless and connected to the internet, while others are wired and offline. What criteria do you use to select one?

Matching Closed-Circuit Television Solution to Your Needs

Understanding your needs is important when selecting a closed-circuit television solution. For instance, if your home does not have an existing conduit or cabling system, then you might need a wireless CCTV solution. Here are some of the options you should consider based on common home security needs:

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Wireless or Wired?

There are affordable wireless and wired types of CCTV out there so you have to choose one over the other. Consider the pros and cons of both and also how they fit into your home or office building.

Advantages of Wireless CCTV

Easy to Install -Good for DIY Installers

Wireless cameras may be slightly more expensive than wired ones but they are easier to install and may come with additional features. In most cases, you won’t need a professional to install wireless camera systems because they are plug and play and come with easy-to-follow install manuals.

However, some high-end wireless security systems may be complicated and in this case, a company technician may need to come over to do the installation.

Wireless CCTV Systems Are Harder to Breach

Unlike wired systems, there are no visible cables to cut when it comes to wireless systems. Wireless systems are harder to breach and prevent more burglaries than wired ones. Interviews with convicted burglars and home invaders have proven this fact.

Disadvantages Of Wireless CCTV


Generally, good quality wireless closed-circuit television products are more expensive because they are more sophisticated in design and mode of operation. However, there are affordable low-end wireless cameras out there.

Prone to Hacks

You need to be careful how you set up your wireless camera system’s security, especially If it is connected to your router for remote access. Hackers generally find it easier to breach wireless systems because they don’t need physical access. However, this is a problem you can easily fix through proper security configuration.

Advantages of Wired CCTV


Generally, prices for wired CCTV systems are quite low as compared to wireless ones. However, you may spend more on other supplies like cables and installation charges.

Can Be Completely closed

Unless someone has physical access to your home, they cannot access footage of your wired closed-circuit television system. You can install a completely closed wired CCTV system while wireless systems can be accessible externally in some instances.

Wireless CCTV Disadvantages

More complicated to install

You may need to install trunking or use conduits to install a wired closed-circuit television system. This installation can be time-consuming and complicated for DIY installers.

Prone to Physical Breaches

It’s easier to breach a wired system by accessing the wiring connecting the various components. Experienced burglars have said in surveys that they prefer wired systems over wireless ones for this reason.

Choosing The Correct Type Of CCTV System

There are analog systems and network IP systems, wired and wireless systems, commercial and home systems, intelligent and basic CCTV systems. Understanding what each type has to offer is important before you make a choice.

For instance, analog cameras have basic features but are easier to install and manage as compared to network-type IP Systems. However, you will get more features from a more complex network IP cameras system like the ability to access it remotely, easier upgrades, and the ability to use it without a DVR.

In some cases, the placement of your cameras will influence the type of CCTV system to purchase. For instance, if the cameras will be installed outside then you will need an outdoor camera system or at least ensure that there are outdoor cameras that are made to withstand the elements. Outdoor cameras have a special protective casing.

Important to consider also is the individual characteristics of the cameras in a CCTV system. Some cameras are capable of capturing wide-angle footage while others can record long-distance footage through zoom capabilities. Depending on your needs, look for these characteristics when making your choice.

In most cases, you will know exactly the kind of closed-circuit television solution to purchase if you understand your needs and know the basics of CCTV. Don’t be afraid to ask a professional before you make your choice because CCTV systems are not temporary.

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