Do you have to Monitor your IP CCTV Camera Feed 24/7?

No, you do not have to. Nor should you. The age-old days of hiring a security guard to watch an IP CCTV camera feed constantly are long gone. So is the act of meticulously combing through recorded footage to catch any sign of intrusion. The advent of intelligent artificial intelligence has made it possible to largely automate the menial task of identifying desired elements in video surveillance footage.

In any case, it is an impractical task for any human to watch the massive amounts of video surveillance footage produced on a daily basis. Hence the use of video content analytics.

What Exactly is Video Analytics and How Does it Work in IP CCTV Camera Feeds?

Video analytics is the use of software to examine real-time footage and identify desired attributes, patterns, and events of interest. When the software detects an event that it was programmed to notice, it can then:

  • Warn the operator, or;
  • Automatically trigger an action such as setting off an alarm or begin recording
IP CCTV Camera

Applications of IP CCTV Camera and Video Analytics

Great strides in artificial intelligence and in particular deep learning have drastically changed the field of video analytics. The technology has gone from simple motion capture to being able to monitor complex human behavior.

Video analytics software is capable of generating descriptions of what is on camera. It is able to detect objects and people and note key attributes such as appearance and number plates. These features mean that it is not just limited to security applications.

An IP CCTV camera coupled with video analytics is a powerful tool capable of providing valuable information and insights; for example:

Transportation and the Rise of 'Smart Cities'

TVideo analytics is used to monitor traffic for jams and potential bottlenecks using wireless IP cameras; this information is then compiled by the IP camera software which uses video analytics to dynamically control traffic lights to ensure the traffic flows smoothly. Dangerous events such as wrong-way driving and haphazard driving are detected and recorded by the software for purposes of collecting evidence.

Speed cameras curtail speeding and through automatic license plate recognition, traffic officials are able to spot stolen vehicles or identify cars with driving offenses. All through video analytics and Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV cameras.

Security Camera Applications

Home IP CCTV Surveillance Camera System

IP camera systems with video analytics are able to search for certain unique behaviors that suggest criminal intent and inform homeowners of the threat. Facial recognition is installed in many IP CCTV camera systems which ensures that intruding strangers are recorded and homeowners are kept aware of the goings-on at their property even when away.

Counting people

Imagine the value of knowing how many people come into your store, what they spend time looking at as well as their gender and age. The insight gained from this information informs retailers on where to best place their products and to whom should they market them.


Facial and license plate recognition (LPR) techniques are used widely to track down suspects in real-time which is a huge security benefit. Using IP camera systems, managing crowds is made easier. Whenever a threshold limit is reached, an alert is triggered.

Potential criminal behavior can be detected and an alert issued so that IP CCTV camera operators are aware. For example, a suspicious person loitering outside the premises could be highlighted as a potential burglar. Knowledge of this information then allows one to take precautionary measures.

Healthcare Industry

Infant abduction, theft, and drug diversion are some of the security issues faced by healthcare institutions. It is an industry that invests large amounts of money into surveillance equipment, not only for security purposes but also for monitoring the health of patients.

An IP CCTV camera system can watch and alert medical staff of neglected patients. By monitoring the movements and facial expressions of patients, the software can detect patients who are in distress and call for help.


There are many benefits to the pairing of IP CCTV camera technology and video analytics of which the main ones include:

  • Storage costs - because the software detects key moments in the footage and records them, there is no need to have 24/7 footage and this means massive savings are achieved.
  • Staff costs - monitoring multiple cameras is a manpower-consuming task. Because the process is automated, one person can monitor multiple cameras with even greater accuracy. This saves money on staffing costs as well.
  • Improved Safety - Due to IP CCTV camera footage being evaluated in real-time, crimes can be stopped in real-time too rather than after the fact.
  • Business value - Behavioral monitoring of customers gives valuable insight into people's choices. Retailers use this to provide better service and options desirable to the consumer.

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