CCTV Surveillance Camera for Homes and Businesses

The CCTV camera remote monitoring for businesses may be slightly or way different from what you’ll find when looking for the best home solution. Most businesses have a huge incentive to invest in high-grade security solutions while homeowners will in most cases opt for a simpler CCTV surveillance camera system.

Though one might think that a home setup can get away with even a makeshift solution, this is generally ill-advised. Data from the FBI and US Department of Justice indicates that 66% of burglaries occur in homes while small businesses suffer the remaining 34%.

With break-ins costing homeowners an average of $2800 and a reported break-in happening every 26 seconds in the US, homeowners should reconsider how much they want to invest in CCTV surveillance camera systems.

Here we’ll look at both high-tech CCTV camera systems for businesses and what the bare minimum is when it comes to securing your home with CCTV surveillance cameras.

CCTV Surveillance Camera for Homes

Only about 17% of homes spend money on effective security systems yet a home without one is 300% more likely to be broken into. A good CCTV surveillance camera system will improve your home’s security especially as part of a robust home security system. A UNC Charlotte study showed that 60% of burglars are deterred by a visible security alarm system.

CCTV Security System

Different CCTV surveillance cameras offer different features at different price points. Some have two-way audio, some blare alarms when an intruder is detected while others monitor pets and babies. But at the core level, what makes a best security surveillance camera system?

Camera resolution

You do not want grainy or pixelated images appearing in your feed. Nowadays, High definition (HD) cameras are pretty affordable and they will allow you to view your property well enough to recognize faces.

Night Vision

Although most break-ins happen during the day when people are away at work, you shouldn’t leave yourself blind at night. It is wise to pick a camera that supports day and night recording.

CCTV Camera Remote Video Monitoring

Wireless CCTV surveillance cameras with remote viewing capabilities can be integrated into smart home hubs. Therefore allowing the homeowner to view the feed while away.

Smart sensors

Most people don’t have time to watch endless video feeds. Sensors alert you when an event has occurred, for example, motion or excessive noise.

Resistance to weather conditions

This is a prerequisite for durable outdoor security systems. They should at least have a waterproof rating of IP 44. Resistance to knocks and scrapes is also desirable and will add to the longevity of your CCTV surveillance camera.

Wide angles and focal adjustability

While some use cases only need to cover a fixed area e.g. a garage, those covering large spaces will need wide-angle lenses. A pan, tilt, and zoom function also allows you to alter the field of view for optimal surveillance so you do not miss anything.

CCTV Surveillance Cameras for Businesses

You may have noted that a business will need many of the features that a home CCTV surveillance camera system will use. HD recording and viewing, remote viewing, day/night recording capabilities, and smart sensors; are all features that a business will find useful.

CCTV Security System

Small businesses can even opt to work with the cheaper home CCTV camera options.

Where they begin to differ is in the value that a high-tech surveillance system can bring. Chief of which is video analytics. Video analytics is the use of software to examine real-time footage and identify desired attributes, patterns, and events of interest.

This software integrates with what is usually an IP digital CCTV camera system to provide enhanced security features such as facial, object, and behavioral recognition. With this artificially intelligent system, a business can have oversight on elements that are either supposed to be or not to be in certain areas of the premises.

Stock can be monitored leaving and entering the premises so that it is all accounted for. Other advantages include:

a) Reduced staff costs – More than one person is needed to monitor multiple camera feeds but if the process is automated through video analytics, one person can monitor multiple cameras with even greater accuracy. This saves money on staffing costs.

b) Improved Safety – Due to the footage being evaluated in real-time, crimes can be stopped in real-time too rather than after the fact.

c) Business value – Behavioral monitoring of customers gives valuable insight into people’s choices. Retailers use this to provide better service and options desirable to the consumer.

d) Scalability – it is easier to add more cameras to a wireless CCTV camera system than a hardwired analog system.

The takeaway

A high-tech best surveillance camera system does more for a business than add security. It reduces losses and improves the bottom line by offering business insights where possible.

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