Understanding DVRs and CCTV Camera with DVR

When I first heard about CCTV Camera with DVR, I wondered what exactly it meant? What specs should I look for because there is a whole lot on the shelves? Will it serve my interests and needs?

To answer these questions and understand CCTVs with DVRs better, here is what you should know.

What are DVRs?

DVR is an abbreviation of Digital Video Recording. It is an upgrade of the VCR. If you lived in the 1990s, you would remember the Video Cassette Recording that used tapes for storage.

DVRs which also go by as PVRs personal video recordings, use integrated hard disk storage. Videos are recorded in high-quality images and stored on the hard disk for later retrieval. These videos have a time and a date.

When DVRs first landed in the market, they were mostly in set-up boxes that were relatively easy to install.

CCTV Cameras with DVR

DVRs introduced by TiVo and ReplayTV in 1999 were the game-changer. Consumers could record live shows to view later, pause real-time shows and zoom past the TV commercials.

Today set-up boxes are still in use, but we have the advanced plugin forms of cables and cable cards.

Focusing on CCTV Camera with DVR

Surveillance and security are much more manageable with DVRs than VCRs since you don't always have to rush to input empty storage devices like tapes. The recording is instant.

They are in a closed-circuit network with several CCTV cameras. These cameras capture analog images; the DVR then converts them into digital videos before compressing them for storage. The higher the image quality, the more storage is used up.

When using a DVR, you are limited to your hard drive's storage. Unless you, the owner, set the DVR to erase old content or overwrite it, you won't be storing any security videos once the hard drive's storage is full. Alternatively, you may lower the picture quality to free up space.

DVRs can record from multiple cameras simultaneously. These images and videos can be viewed sequentially or at once, per your liking. There are no additional switches, multiplexores, or quads required.

Advantages of CCTV cameras with DVR

  1. Pocket-friendly prices
  2. Easy to retrieve information
  3. You may choose to keep the recordings for later use, which could be months or years later.


Most of them cannot connect to the internet, which means you cannot check what is happening at your place when you are miles away. You must be physically present to go through the footage. Notwithstanding, the newer versions are overcoming this challenge by adding this feature.

Intruders or criminals can interfere with the footage if it gets to their hands. That is why keeping the DVR in a safe place is crucial.

DVRs cannot process a high number of frames per second FPS compared to the IP security cameras systems. Their picture quality is, therefore, a level lower than IP systems.

Types of DVRs

There are three kinds of DVRs:

  1. Embedded
  2. Hybrid
  3. PC DVRs

If you are afraid of ransomware, the embedded type will work since it has a secure operating system. The hybrid DVR supports analog CCTV cameras and IP (Internet Protocol) cameras. These two types of security cameras can be used together in the hybrid DVR system.

The third PC DVR integrates properties into a personal computer and has the advantage of easy storage scalability compared to the others.

What to look for-Specs

You should consult a security specialist, but the FPS is the most important thing to look for in the specs if you do not have that luxury. High frames per second equal high-quality images.

The other thing is the add-ons or special features. Some DVR systems include motion detection and app connectivity. However, these are the newer versions.

Others are the number of cameras, of course, the recording period before the hard drive gets full, the number of screens, and backup storage.

Types of DVR

Best CCTV Camera with DVR in the Market

  1. As per Tech Radar, some of the best CCTV camera with DVR are ANNKE, Samsung, ZOSI, Sansco, OHWOAI, and Westshine.
  2. We looked at Amazon's best-rated CCTVs with DVRs (4.5 ratings), and here is a list.
  3. ZOSI 1080P Security Camera System, 1TB Hard Drive
  4. TIGERSECU Super HD 1080P 8-Channel Hybrid 4-in-1 DVR Security Recorder, 1TB Hard Drive.
  5. Swann Home Security Camera System 16 Channel 12 Cameras DVR CCTV, Wired Surveillance
  6. ZOSI 5MP Lite Home Security Camera System with 1TB Hard Drive ANNKE 1080p

Final Word

All you need to remember is that CCTVs with DVRs are simply those that have a hard drive for video footage storage and that the frames per second determine the picture quality.

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