Digital Video Recorder for CCTV Surveillance Camera

Digital video recorders are picking up popularity every day because of the benefits they offer. One of their primary purposes is recording security footage captured by a CCTV security camera. You'll be able to choose to have your DVR visible or as hidden camera recorder videos if required be. You can also choose to watch your recording in real-time or go through the footage at a later date or time.

In the event of a security breach or malicious activity, a DVR system guarantees that you have surveillance footage as evidence. Unlike a typical CCTV camera image that does not show clear images to identify a perpetrator, a digital camera recorder enables you the ability to do so.

A DVR allows you to back up all the information, which comes in handy in the case of theft or damage at your premises.

Modern DVR devices are capable of multi-channeling and can capture data from up to 16 CCTV surveillance cameras simultaneously. Moreover, DVRs customarily include hard drives for saving and backing up images. Nevertheless, you will also get more compelling DVR alternatives with more features such as cloud storage and a security camera recorder app for remote access to live streams.

Types of Digital Video Recorder

There are three types of digital surveillance video recorders.

1. Embedded Digital Video Recorder

An embedded DVR is a stand-alone system that captures analog CCTV camera feeds and saves the data in a local hard drive after encoding. The operating system and applications use an integrated on a single chip and a hard drive for storing the graphics.

The DVRs operate on a proprietary embedded operating system that is not accessible via external networks. As a result, they are far less susceptible to viruses, hacking, and other hostile activities, which make them extremely impenetrable.

Digital Video Recorder

2. Hybrid Digital Video Recorder

The hybrid DVR is versatile and accommodates video captures from both IP and CCTV cameras. It also has an open platform that incorporates encoders and third-party cameras.

Moreover, they have a single interface that accommodates multiple CCTV channels. With a hybrid digital camera recorder, you can control and monitor the camera from anywhere thanks to its multi-site video management features. A hybrid DVR is the best camera recorder for YouTube because it makes it much easier to create content.

3. PC-Based DVR

A camera recorder for PC or a camera recorder for laptop easily integrates into your personal computer. It includes a memory drive, motherboard, video board, DVR capture card, and network card. It is also flexible and you can expand or upgrade its memory space with additional hard disk drives.

Additionally, you can turn your browser into an online video recorder, after which you can download your video to YouTube or save it on your PC disk.

Resolution Characteristics of a DVR

When evaluating the resolution feature of a DVR system, it is crucial to consider the 'frames per second' statistic. FPS helps to guarantee that the recorded security footage is of sufficient quality.

The term "frames per second" relates to the number of still images that a DVR can capture in a second. The static images ultimately come together to form a video.

DVRs are in charge of capturing and storing your video recordings. Therefore, you must choose a suitable frame rate when setting up your system. Typically, DVRs enable you to select the frame rate you desire, allowing you to evaluate your needs on the premises.

CCTV Digital Video Recorder

A DVR with a higher frame rate will provide superior image resolution. Be sure that you can reliably recognize faces, details, and modifications to high-risk regions before proceeding.

A modern-day DVR can store 400 outlines per second, equally distributed among the number of CCTV security cameras installed on your premises. As a result, in case you have a CCTV system with 20 security cameras, each camera will have a frame rate of 20 frames per second.

What to Look for When Buying a Digital Video Recorder

DVR is the brain of your CCTV surveillance system. It monitors and records the activity of your CCTV cameras. Therefore, selecting the appropriate one is crucial. The factors to consider are:

  • Video resolution
  • Compatibility with IP and/or CCTV cameras
  • Number of video channels the DVR can record and playback simultaneously
  • Size of hard disk storage
  • Frame rate
  • Online access
  • The customer care provided by the brand

Best Features of Digital Video Recorder

  • Alarm inputs and outputs
  • Smart playback
  • Video tags customization
  • HDMI output
  • Recording modes, among others

Wrapping up

DVR camera systems are relatively straightforward to set up and operate. Furthermore, they are a good choice for small to medium-size organizations that require basic on-premises surveillance and safety monitoring and recording.

Chain shops, factories, building sites, financial institutions, office buildings, and apartment areas are just a few establishments that benefit immensely from installing digital security video recorders. They allow property managers and business owners to monitor staff and investments, preserve and follow safety practices, and protect their activities.


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