Ezvidoo signup and login for Linux

Vidoo signup and login

Option 1: Vidoo App Login

Step 1.1

Click on Vidoo app icon to run the app.

EZVidoo App Login
Step 1.2

You may asked to enter linux password to provide super user privileges

enter Linux password
Step 1.3

The vidoo App will always check for the dependency packages when running the application.

EZVidoo App checking dependency packages

Useful Tip:

It may take some time to start first time. Depends on your system configuration and internet speed.

Step 1.4

The vidoo App login screen appears

EZVidoo App login screen appears

Option 2: Vidoo Account Creation

Step 2.1

Fill in the following fields, then click Sign up to proceed.

Vidoo Account Creation
Step 2.2

Click Confirm to continue, then check for the email validation sent to your registered email address.

Vidoo email validation
Step 2.3

After receiving the following notification, click on the Click here to validate link to finish setting up your vidoo account.

validate link to finish your vidoo account
Step 2.4

Sign in to vidoo App using your verified account.

EZVidoo App using your verified account

Useful Tip:

If the email address verification is not confirmed, then you cannot use your registered vidoo account to log in.