Oracle VM VirtualBox Installation for Vidoo App Software

virtual Box Installation

Useful Tip:

Vidoo App will choose the appropriate VirtualBox version depending on which version of Windows your machine is running (i.e., Windows 7/8/10, Windows Server, etc.). Thus, it is strongly recommended to download and use the exact VirtualBox version suggested by the vidoo App software.

Step 1: Run Vidoo App

Step 1.1

Right-click the vidoo App desktop shortcut icon, then click Run as administrator.

Vidoo Run as administrator Shortcut
Step 1.2

As the vidoo App contains software packages in Linux, dependency packages must be installed on your Windows machine in order for the App to function properly. Upon opening the application, the vidoo App will automatically detect if the dependencies are installed on your machine.

software packages in Linux

Step 2: Download virtual Box

Step 2.1

In case the dependencies are not installed, vidoo App will require you to download and install the Oracle VM VirtualBox application to run the vidoo App software on your Windows machine. Click the Download button to download the VirtualBox application.

Download virtual Box
Step 2.2

Clicking the learn more > > > link will redirect you to the web page.

Virtual Box web page
Step 2.3

When the following pop-up window appears, click Save to download the VirtualBox installation file.

VirtualBox installation Pop-up

Step 3: Begin virtual box installation

Step 3.1

When the following pop-up window appears, click Save to download the VirtualBox installation file.

Right-click the installation file, then click Run as administrator.

Begin virtual box installation
Step 3.2

Click Next to proceed with the installation. Otherwise, click Cancel.

Oracle VM Virtual Box Setup

Step 4: Preparation and configuration

Step 4.1

Similar to Step 9 on the 1 Vidoo App installation section, you may also check and configure the following installation settings before starting the installation process. Click Next once done.

Configuring Vidoo App
Step 4.2

Check or uncheck on the following options which you would like to enable or disable. Click Next to continue.

Check and Enable features

Step 5: Just ignore this warning

Click Yes if you agree to the following Warning and to proceed to the next window.

Just ignore the warning

Step 6: Completion of installation

Click Install to begin the VirtualBox installation process.

Completion of installation

Wait until the installation process is complete.

installation process

Once the installation process is complete, click Finish to close the Setup Wizard. If the following option remained checked, the VirtualBox application will automatically open once you exit the Setup Wizard. Uncheck this option if you would like to manually open the VirtualBox application later on.

Finish to close the Setup Wizard

A VirtualBox desktop shortcut icon will be created after a successful installation.

Virtual Box desktop shortcut icon