5 Ways To Keep Your Modern CCTV System From Being Hacked

Modern CCTV Camera systems are becoming increasingly popular because of their useful benefits as monitoring tools and their ability to reduce criminal activity. These systems, however, do come with their own set of challenges such as the possibility of hackers gaining access to the systems. This raises many concerns and questions among users. How can users know whether their system has been hacked and how can users prevent modern CCTV systems from being hacked? Let's take a closer look.

Signs That Your Modern CCTV Camera System Has Been Hacked

It may not be so easy to tell whether your system has been compromised or not but there are some signs that you can look out for.

  • Settings - If you notice any changes in your setting that you didn't make, this might be a sign that you've been hacked. In such a case, change the password to avoid further damage.
  • Noise - If you notice strange sounds from your camera, then the system has been hacked. This is one of the easiest ways of identifying a hacker in the system.
  • History - You can learn a lot about your security system and who has had access by checking the login history of CCTV. This can help you notice any users with unauthorized access.
  • Data - Live feeds usually mean a fairly large data flow. So checking for spikes in the data flow is a good place to start if you want to track a hacker.
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How To Prevent Your Wired CCTV Camera systems From Being Hacked

Users will invest in a modern CCTV camera system to protect themselves from potential danger. It helps them monitor activities within their homes or businesses. The last thing a user wants is for this very tool to be used against them.

When a modern CCTV camera is hacked it means some serious trouble is brewing. Hackers can get vital information by going through old videos or even watching different patterns in the activities within the premises. They can get a hold of important details such as passwords, which can allow them to breach the system unnoticed or even credit card information.

So what precautions can a user take to keep themselves safe from potential hackers? Here are a few tips.

1. Passwords

Think outside the box when it comes to passwords. This cannot be emphasized enough. It is simple to essentially utilize the default passwords and settings but it is wise not to. It is also fitting to maintain a strategic distance from simple or obvious passwords such as names or birthdays. These are easy to guess and provide hackers with an easy time.

Create a strong password that has letters (both uppercase and lowercase), symbols, and numbers.

Because the cameras connect to a wider security system, it is important to be well secured. Some hackers don't simply want to monitor you, others may want access to other important details. It is important to keep these safe by having different passwords for bank accounts and other crucial accounts.

Change passwords frequently, preferably bi-annually or annually. This also helps keep hackers at bay.

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One of the most crucial things to remember is not to share your passwords. This could lead to serious issues ahead.

2. Access

It is so important to limit the number of people who have access to your security system. Consider giving passwords to family members only. This reduces the chances of passwords falling into wrong hands. You can also limit access to the cameras by creating networks for the cameras. This will limit any hacker's access to a single camera rather than the entire property.

3. Upgrade

It's important to keep up with the latest devices and gadgets for your system. One of the many advantages of modern CCTV technology is that it can be updated. Many companies offer upgrades frequently to provide users with the safest experiences possible. This may be a costly option however, the investment is worth it. Luckily, users don't need to upgrade systems often and thus the cost is reduced.

4. Think Ahead

You've probably heard the saying "cheap is expensive". When it comes to security systems this is more often true than not. It is important to think of a security system as an investment that will be useful in the months or even years to come.

Try investing in quality equipment from reputable companies. This helps curb shams or cameras that are easily susceptible to hacking or are simply not useful.

5. Make Recordings Private

Hackers may not basically monitor your day by day activities, they might also go into your files and discover vital information. To dodge this, users can opt to "hide" their advanced CCTV footage by building a private subnet.

This is useful because it keeps footage private but it also ensures that the CCTV footage doesn't depend on the network. In other words, if the network were to be breached or corrupted, it wouldn't affect the recordings.

Wrapping Up

Security systems are planned to be beneficial to the users. Shockingly, a couple of people have ill thought processes and may need to corrupt the system to pick up unauthorized access. Users can discover ways to curb this and secure themselves and their cherished ones.

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