Customer Service - How CCTVs Help To Address Rude Coworkers?

What Is Customer Service to You?

Before, during, and after a customer buys and uses your product or service, you provide them with assistance to make their experience with you effortless and pleasant. That's customer service.

To grow your business and keep your current customers, you need to offer first-rate and not just good CCTV customer service.

In today's society, customer service goes much beyond the typical phone support services. There are several ways to access it: email, the internet, text messages, social media, among others.

Clients should be able to access self-service assistance from your business at any time. As part of your company's pledge to customers, client service should go beyond simply answering questions. Your business should also be on Google my Business, easy to locate with a 'CCTV service near me' search.

Assuming you are part of the front office and you notice your colleague is rude to a client-this is inevitable in a diverse workforce- this is how you should handle the situation.

Assess Bad Customer Service Severity

Assess the situation. It would be best if you were sure you heard it right and that the rude behavior is getting out of control. Ideally, support staff should be courteous and respectful to clients who affect the business's bottom line.

If it is a one-time rude remark, you can brush it off because reporting colleagues or confrontation with them has significant repercussions on teamwork and work relations.

However, if the situation is terrible and the colleague keeps offending the customer, you ought to get involved and apologize to the customer.

Customer Service

Keep Calm

You need to make sure you are level-headed before you approach your coworker. Client service is about being pleasant and smiling even when faced with improper decorum.

Do not take it to heart. The coworker may be unknowingly flustered. Sometimes it could be a one-time fluke if this person is usually pleasant. There could be a physical or emotional underlying issue like stress.

Call Him Off Privately

Ask to speak to your colleague privately and gently end the conversation with the client. Immediately refer the client to another CCTV customer care staff. Restate the words the colleague uttered and how he negatively portrays the business.

If it is a one-time thing, do not be generous with your words. Be easy; your colleague could be having a bad day. Be positive in your reproach.

Inquire About His Actions

Ask them to explain why they did that. More so if it is a habit you have noted. Customers can be rude, but customer support staff are expected o maintain their cool at all times. Remind him of your code of conduct.

Maybe there is a valid explanation as to why he is rude to the client.

Keep Track of Negative Customer Service Instances When Your Coworker was Unpleasant to Customers.

If a coworker is rude to customers regularly, you may want to record the nasty behavior. CCTVs could help you with this.

Find the CCTV footage of the rude behavior by employing video analytic tools to search for dates or timelines you had earlier documented.

The CCTV must have captured these instances, and it helps in two ways. To begin with, it can assist you in separating yourself from the situation and observing it objectively.

Second, you can keep a record of the negative customer experience in case your coworker's behavior increases to the point where you'll need to contact a supervisor or human resources representative.

Report to the Customer Service Team Leader

Where the words of caution fail, it's time to take it up with your supervisor. Have proof of the misconduct and let your concerns be known.

Let the supervisor know that you tried to resolve this amicably before seeking his advice. It is good practice to try to resolve issues before rushing to management. You also do not want to be labeled as a snitch.

The management and human resource team will resolve the issue systematically by looking at the CCTV evidence you provided and asking for feedback from the rest of the workforce.

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The importance of customer service cannot be overlooked. Customer experiences today are the leading differentiator of brands and businesses from competition. Repeated rudeness from staff who are expected to be polite and friendly is unwarranted.

When dealing with a colleague who is rude to a customer, be sure you heard right. Where the situation is serious, apologize to the customer and have a private talk with your workmate. Document or retrieve CCTV footage of recurrent behavior before reporting to human resources and management.

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