How Effective are CCTV Live Surveillance Devices?

According to the Bureau of Statistics in Australia, thieves broke into more than 230,000 homes while more than 180,000 homeowners reported cases of attempted robberies between 2019 and 2020. Following these statistics, many homeowners are considering installing CCTV live streaming software to safeguard their homes. If you fall under this category, investing in robust live street cameras would be ideal.

CCTV cameras come in handy to inhibit robberies with former burglars saying that barking dogs and surveillance cameras are a critical defense against home break-ins and theft.

Do CCTV Live Systems Prevent Home Robberies?

Security systems have proven to be effective in inhibiting robberies and even when robbers manage to penetrate your premises, their faces are recorded on camera. In this case, identifying them becomes easier. As a result, many burglars today target homes with no nearby CCTV live device.

The presence of a CCTV news live channel frequency is a significant deterrent against potential robbers from robbing homes. This explains why many houses today have adopted fake surveillance systems. However, homeowners should not depend on fake CCTV systems for their home security.

While dummy security cameras can scare unskilled burglars away, they will not be effective against experienced robbers. Where possible, invest in more functional video surveillance cameras. That way, you will have a method of identifying robbers should they invade your home.


Will Live Street Cameras Lower Crime?

Surveillance systems prevent robberies and that can play a huge role in reducing crime rates. One study relying on 40 years of assessment research revealed that CCTVs were responsible for lowering the rate of crime. Crime dropped by more than 10% in places with surveillance systems. Further, the study showed that the effect of reduced crime was more noticeable in residential areas and car parks.

These figures are enough proof that CCTV surveillance cameras are a worthwhile investment both for commercial and residential spaces. Further, CCTVs benefit homeowners and promote safety in the entire neighborhood.

CCTV Live Surveillance Cameras for Residential Areas

Did you know that installing CCTV cameras can earn you low insurance rates? Some home insurance firms will consider you for attractive discounts if your home is fitted with a security feature like CCTV cameras. Burglars are less likely to target a protected home meaning the firm will be risking less by insuring it. Due to this, a percentage of your CCTV camera ROI is from your home insurance savings.

CCTV Security Systems for Commercial Areas

Commercial CCTV surveillance systems prevent defacement and damage to property, saving you from maintenance and repair costs. CCTV live cameras enable property owners to monitor people as they walk in and outside the premises. As a result, spotting suspicious people and taking action fast becomes easier.

You can also review video footage and establish people who accessed the facility should criminal or theft activities occur. With security cameras, commercial property owners can also earn lower insurance premiums. What's more, insurance firms will process your claims faster if your property has a surveillance system.

CCTV Live Surveillance

Having CCTV cameras inside your business premises helps you monitor the performance of your employees and ensure that each of them is executing their tasks accordingly. CCTV cameras can come in handy to guarantee staff their safety. You will monitor them to ensure they are adhering to the set safety guidelines and establish workplace-related dangers that may trigger accidents.

Commercial surveillance cameras improve the reputation of your business. If you are running a firm with lots of traffic then having CCTV is crucial. Collaborate with an installation expert and ensure they fit them where they are evident to ensure everyone accessing the building feels safe.

As an entrepreneur, adopting security systems demonstrates that your business is careful of your customer's welfare. A few of the commercial areas that require surveillance systems include restaurants, parking areas, and retail stores.

Investing in CCTV Cameras

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, installing CCTV surveillance systems should be a top priority. In today's world where technology is advancing rapidly, security systems will boost security in your premises guaranteeing residents' safety.

CCTV cameras watch over your valuables even when you are away from home. Installing surveillance systems in your business premise ensures that the business is functioning based on the set standards.


Once you decide to install security cameras on your premises, consider purchasing them from a reliable vendor to guarantee optimal performance. Apart from assisting you with the installation process, your CCTV provider should offer after-sales service and a warranty on the devices.

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