5 Important Features of the Samsung CCTV Camera

Video security is a remarkable phenomenon that ensures enhanced security of homes, offices, and pathways. The video security appliances, mainly CCTV cameras, have evolved, and there are many competing producers in the market. Thanks to the salient features of a Samsung CCTV camera, the product has gained global recognition and experienced high demand. Despite the many competing manufacturers in the market, Samsung has stood out because of producing security systems that ensure satisfied clientele.

Top Vital Features of Samsung CCTV Cameras

Samsung is a very reputable company for the electronic automation of homes and offices. The following comprises the most significant features of a Samsung CCTV camera.

1.Monitoring at night

Surveillance cameras provide the necessary security that you require of a place. Given the rampant cases of insecurity, CCTVs play a crucial role in ensuring a place's safety. Thugs and intruders often operate at night when almost everyone is off to sleep. A Samsung CCTV camera has the best monitoring features that ensure maximum security. The cameras can detect any motion or suspicious activities, day or night, and record it.

Samsung CCTV Camera

Samsung Video Surveillance are equipped with unique LED lights on the inside, enabling them to sense an animal or person in the dark. Also, Samsung CCTV System has a special IR cut filter, which allows the detection of movements at night. The cameras are unique as they automatically sense the presence of light during the daytime and record movements clearly according to light.

2.Recording and motion sensing

Samsung cameras have the unique aspect of recording when it senses motion. You can confirm this by observing the camera to spot a blinking LED light. As soon as a person, animal, or object moves in front of the camera's frames, the LED light starts to bling, triggering the camera to record the movements.

Samsung also provides storage for all its video recordings. Hence, you can be sure of not missing a thing if you happen to have been away from the phone or computer at the time of the recording. The recording time varies based on the model of the camera.

3.Remote access

Samsung has constructed its security systems to make them compatible with computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets. That makes it possible to operate the CCTV cameras remotely. You can be in the office and still switch on and off the CCTVs at home. Furthermore, you can watch video footage of your place of work or home while traveling. Hence, you can tell if the surveillance camera has been tampered with or has malfunctioned remotely.

You can also upgrade the system from a remote place provided the CCTV is internet enabled. The cameras can be integrated with other electronic devices such as lighting and alarm systems, making it easier to coordinate various activities within a house or office.

4.Weatherproof camera Housing Area

Samsung develops surveillance cameras to perform well regardless of weather conditions. CCTVs placed outside homes or offices get exposed to various weather conditions such as rain, snow, dust, and even strong winds. The materials used in the manufacture of Samsung CCTV cameras are UV resistant and can perform even in snow and rainy weather.

5.High-quality Video Streaming

Samsung designed its cameras using the latest technology in the market. The cameras come with a broader field of view, meaning home or office area coverage. Hence, a single CCTV camera is enough if you consider surveying a given area. However, ensure the technicians perform a perfect job during CCTV camera installation. Some can rotate depending on the movement of the person or animal, thus capturing every bit of movement.

Samsung cameras also produce high-definition videos making it easy to prosecute an intruder. It captures everything as it is and produces very clear and distinctive videos. They leave nothing to chance.

Samsung cameras are resistant to dust and excess moisture because of the strong protective shields that the Samsung company has designed to withstand all manner of climatic conditions. Also, Samsung provides additional guards to cover the camera to protect it further.

Features of Samsung CCTV camera


CCTV cameras have become a significant step toward solving insecurity. They have helped sort out cases of theft, kidnappings, and vandalism as the culprits are recorded, and law enforcers can efficiently prosecute them. Given that there are many producers of CCTV cameras, you can settle for the Samsung CCTV camera. That is because of its distinguishable features, including monitoring and recording at night, remote access, weather resistance, high-quality videos, and sensory motion abilities.

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