How to Protect Your Live CCTV Camera from Being Hacked

Did you know that IP CCTV cameras are progressively put in service over the analog camera that has been operating till recently? IP CCTV cameras offer high-quality images and are more affordable due to the developed technology. CCTV cameras help us by informing us what is happening through our phones and computers. However, if you search for live cameras, you would be surprised by the world's large number of live CCTV cameras. Read on to learn how to secure the device.

What are Live CCTV Camera?

Closed-circuit television(CCTV) is a system that helps you watch what's going on in your house or business; the monitors and camera enable you to view live, and the recorders save the footage for reference. CCTV improvement over the recent years has made it possible to catch criminals and bring them to justice.

How can Live CCTV Camera be Hacked?

CCTV cameras are the leading devices that offer security to you and your property; be that as it may, they are helpless to hacking. Programmers discover the helplessness of your framework to breach your security. Here are ways in which CCTV cameras are hacked.

1. Brute Force

The hackers use automated software whereby they make guesses at your passwords.

2. Backdoor Attacks

The second way is backdoor attacks; they search for vulnerabilities in your already compromised systems.

3. Spoofing Attacks

Lastly, the spoofing attack is where they disguise themselves as a trusted device and connect to your network.

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Ways to Prevent your Live CCTV Camera from Being Hacked

There are numerous actions to take when you want to secure your camera, and below are some of the measures you can take to protect yourself from a hacked CCTV cameras live.

1. Use Different Network

The first tip to secure your camera is to use a different network when using your security network and your data. The Security Camera System requires much bandwidth, which will lead to your data slowing down; this step will protect your private data by separating the camera system away from it on another network.

2. Always use cloud access

Cloud get to is another amazing choice for your CCTV camera; in the event that you just cannot set up a VPN. The cameras' control and recorded film are held on an intensely secured screen that as it were you and the end-user can get to by means of the cloud. Instead of encouraging the device in your organization, it'll be encouraged on a server exterior your network.

3. Use a Virtual Private Network(VPN)

If you intend to access your security cameras and footage occasionally, VPN is the best option. A VPN network will connect your device to your network through an encrypted connection, making it secure. A connection will still be made between the device and the network, but the pathway will be impossible for the hackers how to penetrate surveillance cameras since it will be encrypted.

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4. Port forwarding

Port forwarding is the simplest method to secure your CCTV cameras, but unfortunately, it is the least secure; port forwarding keeps up your firewall. When you connect to a camera or a recorder, you open a port through your firewall in your network. The only thing that can stop the hackers from hacking is your password. If you have a powerless password or have never changed it from the manufacturer's preset, it will be an easily hacked CCTV camera live.

5. Create strong passwords

The fifth way to secure your CCTV cameras from being hacked is ensuring you have strong passwords. Secure passwords are; frequently changed, not used for other devices, and are not manufacturer presets. When you follow those steps when setting up the password, you will not have to worry about hackers gaining access to your device and network.

6. Always update your system

Last but not least, the sixth method is updating your system. The manufacturers of CCTV cameras will always find vulnerabilities to provide new developments. Always check for updates to get the new security level.

7. Set up two-factor authentication if your CCTV camera offers it.

Setting up a two-factor authentication gives your Modern live street cameras an extra layer of security. The company where you bought your camera opts to send you a single use-passcode via phone call, text message, or email. If the hackers crack your password, they will not access your passcode. You also have to note that not all companies offer this. You will have to do your research before you purchase.


Use the above tips to keep the hackers away.

To keep your system secure and protect your privacy, you need to install an EDR software, designed to detect and remove malware.

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