A List of the Best CCTV Software

CCTV software helps in the management of streamed data from cameras. This software also helps in the management of surveillance devices.

Different professions, like law enforcement and security personnel, use CCTV software. These software’s are beneficial in environments that have several videos streaming. In such environments, data (videos) is stored several times.

Moreover, CCTV software has one platform where users can view the data. In this platform, you can confirm the efficiency of the systems. There are currently many different CCTV software for users to choose from. Here is A List of the Best CCTV Software solutions.

A List of the Best CCTV Software Solutions Around

1.NetCam Studio

This software comes in two versions, i.e., the free version and the licensed version. The latter is the more powerful one and gives you the ability to use the software for a long time. Moreover, having the license will grant you access to software updates. The software updates are carried out up to two years after purchase.

After two years, users can keep the software running as usual. The catch is you have to buy any new updates available. However, upgrades aren’t necessarily needed except if you purchase new camera hardware that needs new software.

CCTV Software
  • The free version has a 2-source camera feed, a watermark for the images, and five days’ worth of notifications. You will also get community support.
  • The licensed version has 250 days’ worth of notifications, no watermark, and 64 sources. You will also be given support priority.
2.Security eye

Security eye is professional software that doesn’t have a paid version; it’s free. It is thus open-source CCTV software. Some years back, this software used to have a paid version, but that changed in 2019.

  • It has a timer that can dictate when the video feed starts.
  • Images can be captured as JPEG then compressed.
  • Users can receive alerts via a loudspeaker.
  • Can work with devices that have motion detectors.
3.Perfect surveillance

This software comes in three types for your choosing. You can choose it for web cameras, IP cameras and the last one is viewing software. Users who haven’t installed LC video viewers can use viewing software.

  • The interface is straightforward and has simple icons.
  • You get to decide when the camera can start working.
  • You can customize the layout to fit your desired viewing style.

This software is one of the best CCTV software solutions available. Users of this software have had little to no complaints after its installation. It can also be improved in many different ways, although there is no harsh criticism from its users.

CCTV Software Solutions
  • It has facial recognition even though it’s not too accurate.
  • It is suitable for mobile use.
  • Recorded and live footage can be viewed on a mobile device or desktop.
  • The software is also available for devices using best linux cctv software and Mac OS X.

This software comes with a wide array of features. It also has free and paid versions. However, most features are locked and are available to paying users. The paid version also comes with many perks like monitoring system health and SMS texts.

  • It has a lite free version
  • You can use up to four cameras and six modules in one chain.
  • The lite version usage is unlimited
  • There’s a free trial version for the fully-featured version
6.Genius version

This software is pretty advanced and is thus primarily used in businesses. This advancement does not mean that it cannot be used at home. However, when used at home, many features might go unused.

  • It comes with many different features and settings.
  • Can use several cameras
  • Users can get extensions by supporting Patreon
  • Works on mobile devices.
7.Deskshare IP Camera Viewer

This software has had its fair share of repackaging. One of the reasons is the software has had several unwanted bloatware. Even so, it is excellent CCTV software.

  • Live recording
  • Split-screen capabilities
  • Playback capabilities
  • Ability to use even four cameras at a go.
  • It is compatible with an astonishing 2200 CCTV models
  • The camera can be zoomed, tilted, and pan where hardware allows.


The above names are some of the best surveillance camera software available. In most software, installation is an issue as professional assistance is required. Nevertheless, you can still try out many different CCTV software for free. However, the thing with free versions is the nagging from companies to upgrade to paid versions. You may also have to deal with bloatware and tagged-on malware.

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