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Getting a Bluetooth CCTV Camera – Is it Worth the Hype?

When a CCTV camera comes with Bluetooth technology, it means that you will be able to set up and access your surveillance cameras in a given range. Some of these Bluetooth-enabled cameras are wired while most of them are wireless.

Surveillance cameras that come with Bluetooth use the industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) 2.4GHz radio band for communication with devices like smartphones. Typically, security cameras and Bluetooth devices have a data-sharing range. The range is of about 33ft & 328ft (10meters-100 metres).

Bluetooth technology guarantees you have different ways of accessing your closed-circuit television cameras. Even so, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is not as safe as compared to wireless protocols. So, is getting a Bluetooth CCTV camera really worth the hype? Read on to find out.

Bluetooth CCTV Camera – To Buy or Not to Buy?

Since Bluetooth surveillance cameras are wireless, you're automatically saved from the hassle that comes with wiring cameras all over the put. Frequently, its installation requires a drill and stepping stool, unlike wired cameras which also require the assistance of professional installers.

Bluetooth cameras are also flexible in that they can be installed at any angle. Moreover, they come with a multitude of features like backup batteries, colored night-vision, and motion tracking—pricier ones, even some with facial recognition, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, etc.

Bluetooth CCTV Camera

On the flip side, hackers with ill intent can easily hack a Bluetooth Closed Circuit Television camera. Hackers can access your network and disconnect the cameras. They can do so by using Bluetooth to send the camera to a WiFi SSID parameter that doesn’t exist.

Common myths surrounding Bluetooth CCTV cameras

I. It is only suitable for all short-range coverage

For a long time, Bluetooth surveillance cameras have only been known to be helpful when trying to cover short ranges. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. These cameras’ short-range use came due to the fact that some wearables and audios come with short-range design requirements. The hardware and technology these developers implement can deliver up to 30 meters.

The reality is that Bluetooth devices can have a reliable distance of over a kilometer. They can also help BVR (beyond visual range) drones remotely.

II. Bluetooth cannot penetrate through walls.

Some signal strength can travel through the air and, in the process, can experience path loss. Path loss occurs naturally. It is also affected by environmental elements such as windows, walls, etc. However, radio waves can still pass through objects like floors and concrete. As such, Bluetooth signals are not limited by the walls in the room a person is in, even though the signal range may be impacted.

How does a Bluetooth closed-circuit television camera get powered?

Most Bluetooth CCTV cameras are also wireless cameras, thus being powered by batteries. They come with their power supply, and even when there is no power supply, they can still keep working to protect your property. The downside of this is that they do require a periodic battery change. As such, it is best to get a Bluetooth wireless camera that can be recharged. That way, you will not have to purchase batteries frequently.

Will a Bluetooth CCTV camera need internet?

Not all wireless Bluetooth cameras require the internet. Those cameras that work without the internet are also known as IP cameras.

While some Bluetooth surveillance cameras require the internet, some do not. Installing those that do not need the internet means you won’t get live footage. You can only rely on recorded video footage.

In sum, most Bluetooth wireless cameras use the internet. This makes it easy for you to respond immediately whenever motion is detected.

Bluetooth Security Camera

Choosing your method of recording

While NVRs and DVRs are not as common today as they were back in the day, they still are there and very much in use. When you have these systems, you can store big-sized videos with ease. They are also more beneficial to you than cloud systems in that footage can be viewed remotely since the camera doesn’t depend on an internet connection.

The con of having them is the consumption of space the black boxes have. So, it will not be suitable for people who enjoy open spaces and no clutter.


A Bluetooth home security camera is the perfect security companion for your home, without a doubt in case you have got a mobile home. This can be because you've got the choice of getting a battery-powered one that depends on the web to work. They as well permit a sensible range of scope, ensuring that most of your property has an extra eye looking out.

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