Top 8 Features for Best CCTV Camera for Home

CCTV cameras are the best invention there could be of security cctv enhancement. The cameras have evolved, and we can now distinguish the best CCTV cameras for a home setting from the rest. CCTVs enhance security by recording and storing surveillance footage of any movements in a home and can be used to prosecute an intruder and recover damages incurred. That necessitates acquiring the best CCTV camera for home so that every movement is adequately captured, recorded, and stored. Understanding the features of the best surveillance cameras is essential, especially if you consider installing one at your home. The most salient features are as follows.

Best Features for CCTV Camera for Home

1.Motion sensing

Motion sensing is probably an essential feature of a CCTV camera. Motion sensing means that the CCTV camera can detect motion and quickly start to record any suspicious activity that is taking place. The motion-sensing feature is beneficial as it allows you to pause a recording when no suspicious activity occurs. It prevents a quick fill-up of the CCTV’s cloud or local storage space. Further, it minimizes the amount of internet data it consumes because of few cloud back-ups.

Best CCTV Camera For Home

A CCTV camera begins to record once it picks up any movement on its frame through its motion-sensing ability. In addition to motion sensing, the best CCTV cameras for home have movement tracking meaning that they can automatically turn in any direction to record movements. Also, you may receive warnings on your phone or computer since the motion-sensors trigger alarms in case of any intruders.

2.Low-light or night vision

The best CCTV cameras can record under insignificant light conditions, and they have image intensifiers that magnify very minimal lighting to produce a fundamentally brighter image showing noticeable specifics. The cameras do emit energy that is somewhat infrared to better the camera’s effectiveness without directing too much response to itself.

3.Field of view

The most excellent surveillance cameras have a wider angle. Such cameras can capture a more extensive zone than a narrow-angle camera, disposing of the require for introducing several CCTV cameras in a place. Moreover, a wide-angle camera records movements from all corners without spinning or relocating the camera.

Best Features of CCTV Camera
4.Video quality

The video qualities of the best surveillance cameras for home should be top-notch. Most modern surveillance cameras have 720p resolution, whereas others provide high definitions of 1080p, which are the best for keeping watch over your home.

The surveillance footage of such cameras is sparkling clear and distinct, and this makes it easy for you and the police to spot the tiniest of the tiniest details when prosecuting a case of intrusion. Even though the high definition cameras are expensive and utilize large amounts of internet data, their videos are quality and most trusted.

5.Two-way audio

The best CCTV cameras for home have speakers that facilitate communication between you and a visitor or intruder before the camera. The speakers make it possible to communicate to an individual at your door when home or away. Also, you can quickly alert an intruder that the camera has captured them and that law enforcers are on their way. If you have pets, you can soothe them by just speaking through the CCTV camera.

6.Power source

Most surveillance cameras use electricity to operate, which you can plug into any power source. Hence, the cameras can be positioned anywhere, provided your extension cord is long enough. However, the best CCTV cameras should provide the option of battery use to increase the areas of positioning the camera in the house or at home. However, the battery's power can go low, making recharging or replacing batteries necessary.

7.Cloud or local back-up

The best CCTV camera records and stores all it captures. The storage the most CCTV cameras provide could be both local and cloud or either of the two. A storage drive is kept nearby with a local repository so that any recording is immediately saved. The data stored is usually in video form. The local storage can be limited as it quickly fills up if all happenings get recorded and saved, which will require emptying to create space for further storage.

Best cctv camera with Cloud storage eliminates the storage problem of constantly emptying local storage due to fill-up. However, there is a catch. Cloud storage will only provide capacity on the off chance that you subscribe or pay the specified expense and still constrain capacity to some files or days month to month. Within the event of a fill-up of the cloud store, you'll be able make space by offloading the as of now put away recordings to the local store.

8.Remote control

All modern-day CCTV cameras have an application that allows you control of the surveillance camera from wherever. Remote control implies you can watch CCTV cameras away from home. Hence, you can control it by activating or deactivating the CCTV camera and can view the videos remotely. Moreover, the camera allows you to control other electrical fixtures integrated with the CCTV cameras at home.


The list of features of the best CCTVs is endless. However, the features discussed above should give you a head start if you are contemplating purchasing and installing one at your home.

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